Suzuki Grand Vitara

The Full Size SUV for the price of a small one!

With outstanding levels of comfort, an all new design and loads of flexible cargo space, The new Grand Vitara Urban is the full size SUV for the price of a small one. With Electronic Stability Program (ESP), front, side and curtain airbags, four wheel disc brakes and ABS with EBD and brake assist, the Grand Vitara Urban leads the way in safety too. Add to that convenient features including Bluetooth handsfree and rear park assist and Grand Vitara Urban is the SUV for the city.

Grand Vitara's 2.4-litre VVT engine provides effortless power with instant response provided through a rear wheel drive train. Outstanding fuel efficiency is at the forefront, with impressive fuel economy of just 8.7-litres per 100km^, better than most SUV competitors.

2.4-litre VVT
Fuel Efficiency:
8.7L/100km^. (ADR81/01 Manual)
^ADR 81/01 manual test results. Combined highway/city driving. Actual fuel consumption may vary.
Max Power:


Flexible Cargo Area

Grand Vitara Urban provides outstanding cargo space through it's full size SUV body and flexible seating arrangements. Split fold 60:40 rear seats provide 9 different cargo are combinations, accommodating varying luggage requirements.

Airbag Protection

Dual front SRS airbags and head-impact protection built into all pillars and upper cabin surfaces helps reduce head injuries in the unlikely event of an accident.

Climate control air con

Enjoy the great outdoors with total control of the climate indoors. The Grand Vitara Climate control air con provides easy settings for ideal cabin ambience.

ABS brakes with EBD and BA

Suzuki Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake distribution (EBD) and brake assist systems (BAS) enables drivers to better steer under extreme braking conditions.


Electric Sunroof

Allows light and fresh air to enter the vehicle with the touch of a button, for added comfort. It can be fully opened or tilted, and it has anti-pinching mechanism for added safety.

Applicable Models: Prestige

Rear parking sensors

Assist you in accurately judging your vehicle's distance to obstacles when parking or reversing. Ultrasound sensors monitor the space behind the Grand Vitara and sound a beeper to warn you of any nearby obstruction.

Applicable Models: Prestige, Urban (With Alloys)

HID headlights

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are clearer and brighter than common halogen lights. They also illuminate a longer and wider area, improving driver's visibility. Matched with dusk sensors they automatically turn on and off depending on the available environment light.

Applicable Models:

Fog Lights

Provide a wide flat beam aimed low to increase the illumination directed towards the road surface in conditions of poor visibility, reducing the glare back from fog, rain, dust or snow.

Applicable Models: Prestige

Rear full size spare wheel

Grand Vitara comes with a full size spare wheel. It is mounted on the rear of the vehicle, providing better luggage space, and easy access in any situation.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

18-inch alloy wheels

Combined with 225/60 tyres, offers excellent driving and braking performance on both dry and wet roads, ensuring maximum grip. They also enhance the premium image of the Grand Vitara Prestige.

Applicable Models: Prestige

17-inch alloy wheels

Combined with 225/65 tyres, provide excellent steering response, stability and traction, for varying conditions both on-road and off-road. They also accentuate the sporty and attractive appearance of the Grand Vitara.

Applicable Models: Diesel, Urban (With Alloys)

Monocoque body with built-in ladder frame chassis

For more rigidity, strength, durability and award-winning off-road performance. Reduces body flex and provides a strong foundation to stabilise the vehicle and absorb road shock.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)


Power windows and mirrors

With practical door mounted controls for ease of reach, operation, added comfort and convenience.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

Digital climate control air conditioning

Set and forget system that ensures maximum comfort and enjoyment for all vehicle occupants. With an all digital display for easy operation, the air conditioner adjusts itself as needed to maintain a pre-set temperature.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

Cruise Control

Ideal for relaxing and comfortable driving during long trips, and also improves fuel efficiency. Illuminated controls are located on the steering wheel for ease of reach and use.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

Sound system

Dash integrated MP3 capable CD player with 4 speakers and steering wheel mounted controls. It also features an auxiliary input jack to connect portable MP3 players. Prestige models come with Premium sound, including 6-CD in-dash stacker, 7 speakers and a subwoofer.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

Bluetooth® connectivity

Enables Bluetooth® compatible mobile phones to be wirelessly connected for hands free operation, adding comfort, convenience and safety.

Applicable Models: Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

Luxurious leather interior

Provides added refinement, comfort, look and feel.

Applicable Models: Prestige

Keyless Entry and Start System

A built-in transmitter on the key allows you to lock and unlock the door simply by touching a button on the door handle. This feature allows the convenience of starting the engine without using the key itself, meaning you'll never have to fumble around for your car keys again.

Applicable Models: Prestige

Luggage space and seats flexibility

With 60:40 split folding rear seats the Grand Vitara interior offers plenty of luggage space in a flexibe and user-friendly package, complemented by numerous storage bins and cup holders.

Applicable Models: Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)


2.4L 4-cylinder petrol engine

With VVT (Variable Valve Timing) technology, which improves engine power and torque, and also reduces emissions.

Power: 122kW
Torque: 225Nm

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

1.9L 4-cylinder diesel engine

The DDiS (Direct Diesel injection System) turbocharged and intercooled engine has common rail technology for improved fuel consumption and better torque delivery.

Power: 95Kw
Torque: 300Nm

Applicable Models: Diesel

4-mode 4x4 system

Grand Vitara's 4-mode 4x4 system has a centre differential and powers all wheels at all times for outstanding performance on-road and off-road. The main switch is built into the centre console to provide effortless transfers between modes.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

Towing capacity

All Grand Vitara models deliver impressive towing capacity.

3-door, 2.4L petrol: 1600kg (braked trailer), 550kg (unbraked trailer)

5-door, 2.4L petrol: 1850kg (manual, braked), 1700kg (automatic, braked), 750kg (unbraked)

5-door, 1.9L diesel: 2000kg (braked), 750kg (unbraked)

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)


ESC (Electronic Stability Control)

ESC helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle. ESC is a computer controlled technology which uses in-built sensors to automatically apply braking to individual wheels and modulate engine power to restore correct road alignment as soon as any loss of control is detected.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

ABS with EBD and BA

ABS prevents the wheels from locking-up during heavy braking, allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle. EBD regulates front and rear brake pressure according to the vehicle load conditions for max braking efficiency. BA assists the driver to increase brake pressure in an emergency.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

6 airbags

Front airbags are designed to protect driver & front passenger in case of a frontal collision. Side airbags protect the torso of the driver & front passenger in a side collision. Curtain airbags protect the front & rear occupants heads in case of a side collision.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

Front seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters

Pretensioners tighten the seatbelts so they hold the driver's & front passenger's bodies firmly in an accident. Load limiters allow an amount of controlled seatbelt release shortly after the pretensioner is activated to limit the restraining forces & reduce the chance of injury.

Applicable Models: 3-Door, Diesel, Prestige, Urban, Urban (With Alloys)

Hill Hold Control and Hill Descent Control

HDC allows for a smooth and controlled hill descent, without the driver needing to operate the brake. HHC prevents unintentional roll back. When the vehicle is stopped on an inclined angle, the brake system will maintain the brake pressure for a few seconds.

Applicable Models:

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