Suzuki APV

When you have to deliver.

Looks are deceiving. The Suzuki APV may be moderately sized but thanks to some innovative design, it's big on storage space. Speedy delivery to the trickiest of loading bays is easy work with the APV's super-tight turning circle and hydraulic power steering. And its fuel-efficient petrol engine has all the low-end torque you need to haul heavy cargo.

Plush cabin carpet, air conditioning, power steering, a CD system with AM/FM radio and remote central locking are just some of the features which will help even your longest working days fly by in comfort.

The APV is a marvel of space efficiency. It features over 3 cubic metres of cargo space with superior weight distribution for ultra stable handling.

1.6 Litre, 4 cylinder engine
Fuel Efficiency:
8.2 Litres per 100km
Max Power:
68kW @ 5750rpm


14-inch wheels

Combined with 185R14Ctyres, the 14" steel wheels are sturdy, durable, and the ideal size for a more comfortable and economical ride.

A full size spare wheel is standard.

Applicable Models: APV

Side windows

Better visibility all round, improving safety and making it easier for you to find your way around.

Applicable Models: APV

Compact size

The compact size and small 4.9m turning radius make the APV easy to park even in the tightest of spots, and easy to manoeuvre even in the narrowest of city lanes, making it the ideal city van.

Applicable Models: APV


Cargo Space

3.4m3 of usable space. The APV boxy shape makes the best possible use of the cargo area for improved utility and convenience.

Applicable Models: APV

Power steering

Makes the APV more comfortable to drive for longer periods, easier to manoueuvre and park.

Applicable Models: APV

Air conditioner

With easy to reach and operate controls for added convenience, allows the driver to adjust the internal temperature, making the vehicle environment more comfortable and enjoyable even in the most demanding working days.

Applicable Models: APV

Sound system

AM/FM sound system with MP3 compatible CD player for added comfort and enjoyment when driving. The APV also has a USB port that allows you to connect portable music devices and operate them through the main unit.

Applicable Models: APV


1.6L 4-cylinder petrol engine

Compact engine with plenty of low end torque to handle heavy cargo, agile enough to drive in-and-out of the city all day every day delivering impressive fuel economy.

Power: 68kW
Torque: 127Nm
Fuel economy: 8.2L/100km

Applicable Models: APV


Front seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters

Pretensioners tighten the seatbelts so they hold the driver's & front passenger's bodies firmly in an accident. Load limiters allow an amount of controlled seatbelt release shortly after the pretensioner is activated to limit the restraining forces & reduce the chance of injury.

Applicable Models: APV

Safety all around

Standard dual front airbags protect driver and passenger in the event of a frontal impact. Suzuki's Total Effective Control Technology ensures the safety of all occupants. Crumple zones absorb energy in the event of an impact, while the frame disperses it away from the cabin. The highly rigid cabin is also reinforced with side impact beams.

Applicable Models: APV

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